The Book of James
The Book of James 20.29% Funded

About This Project

The Book of James project is a crowdfunding campaign that we have launched so that we can produce a motion graphic rendition of an entire book of the Bible. Simply put… we are raising funds to animate The Book of James.

You can team up with us by doing the following:

  1. make a donation of any amount. So far we have raised over $10,000 of our goal of $50,000
  2. spread the word and share our campaign with the people that you know
  3. lift this project up in prayer (most importantly)


What makes this project so unique is that we will be animating a non-narrative part of the Bible. This just simply has not been done before. No stories… but the Word of God creatively visualized… word for word.

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Any amount that you contribute will be very much appreciated. Our Goal is to raise $50,000 to be able to hire the right people and spend the time necessary to produce the kind of work that we all can be proud of. When you enter the payment portal, you will see Image Inventions Media Group at the top. If you would like to give with a credit card, and not log into PayPal, click the Continue button near the bottom of the page.



The Book of James 20.29% Funded

The Impact

With all of the challenges we see in the world today, we find ourselves longing to make a positive difference by advancing God’s Kingdom through creative means. The book of James is loaded with wisdom. It is a lot like the Proverbs of the New Testament. By contributing to this project, you are ensuring that more people will hear the wisdom and heart of God. Let’s not underestimate the power of the Word of God.

The Book of James:
Motion Graphic Bible